The Buzz about Honey

I've been enjoying a cup of hot water and honey every morning recently, very comforting especially now that the chill of winter is setting in.

LOVE honey water

LOVE honey water

Apart from warming you up, there are many other great benefits from enjoying this sweet simple drink...

1. It helps to keep you hydrated and the simple sugars and carbohydrates in honey work to keep you energised - a great alternative to coffee


2. It improves digestion by keeping your bowel movements regular and making stools easier to pass


3. It helps protect against bacteria thanks for the enzymes, minerals and vitamins found in honey, perfect to fight off those nasty winter bugs!


4. Using local honey helps to reduce your sensitivity to environmental allergens


5. If you do catch a winter cold this year, honey water is perfect to soothe a sore throat and ease a cough


6. Adding lemon to honey water helps detoxify your body through improved digestion, and an increase in urination which keeps the urinary tract healthy


7. If you're experiencing gas and bloating, warm water and honey will help to neutralise the gas


The quality of your honey is very important if you want to experience all these benefits. It must be all natural and ideally local to your area, these can be found in health food shops as opposed to supermarkets. I use Michael Young MBE local Hillsborough honey.

Honey Massage  

Honey Massage  

 Honey can also be enjoyed by receiving a honey massage. Once the body has been warmed using hot stones and cupping massage, honey is applied to the skin and massaged in using specialist techniques to ensure the honey penetrates deep into the skin. It is then removed using warm water so you're not left sticky. This massage helps relieve back pain, leaves the skin smooth and soft, and the wonderful vitamins and minerals contained in honey are absorbed into the body.

Honey massage is available exclusively at Meant to Bee Therapies. Call or email to book

Enjoy your Honey Water! 

J x