Christmas Gift List

We are well and truly on the Countdown to Christmas now, with less than a week left before the big day!

For anyone struggling to find that special gift, I'd like to share some ideas for your loved ones this year, or for your own Christmas List- with a special Arvigo® twist! 

Woodwick Candle 

I love how this candle crackles - just like a real fire! Made from sustainable soy wax and a unique organic wooden wick which gives a therapeutic scent. I have these candles burning in my treatment room so they would be perfect to set the mood at home to do your Self Care massage each night. Available at Boots, Donegal Square, Belfast. I would recommend buying these candles in store as mine were broke twice during shipping. Available here 

Bee Balm by Songbird Naturals

This Bee Balm is the perfect massage cream for completing your Arvigo® Self Care each night - as there are no messy spills. It's perfect for rashes, bruises and stretch marks too, and is also safe to use during pregnancy. Made with 100% natural beeswax, olive oil, propolis and natural vitamin E means it can be used by those with nut allergies. Available to purchase at Meant to Bee and online here also. 


Eye Mask by Holistic Silk

Sleep is crucial for our health, but also for fertility. Disrupted sleep patterns can cause hormonal imbalance and so it's important we get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Read more about the importance of sleep here. Help yourself achieve the perfect nights sleep with this gorgeous eye mask. Made from silk, this mask rests easily on the face whist effectively blocking out any light. A subtle lavender fragrance helps you to drift off too.  Available here

Soft Grey Socks

As we know from Reflexology, the entire body is mapped to the feet, and so by looking after them, we are caring for our whole body! Keep them cosy this winter with these gorgeous lined socks from Mint Velvet, available in store at House of Fraser, Belfast and online here

Hippsy Waist Warmer

This fantastic waist warmer is designed to fit snugly around your waist and back to keep them warm. It's an extra layer without the bulkiness! I highly recommend the Hippsy, especially during these winter months, your uterus and kidneys will thank you! Available online here 

Yuyu Hot Water Bottle

This beautifully designed hot water bottle wraps around your body - around your neck, along your back, but most importantly for Arvigo® work, it keeps both your uterus and sacral area warm at the same time, so very useful! Available here 

Calm book

I've recommended this book to a number of my clients so far. It's a practical way of introducing calming techniques to quiet the mind and focus your thoughts, The book guides you through various activities with helpful advice. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who has trouble switching off their mind. There's currently 3for2 on books, including this one, at Urban Outfitters, Belfast. Also available online here 


I cannot recommend honey enough. It's the perfect natural sweetener, offering a healthy way to boost energy levels. It also boosts memory and helps the body to absorb calcium which can help brain health. It also helps soothe a cough and works well as a sleeping aid. The honey I use is available at Azora in Hillsborough and Eatwell Foods on the Lisburn Road, Belfast. 

Meant to Bee gift voucher

My Christmas Gift List wouldn't be complete without including a Meant to Bee gift voucher! Currently with 10% off all gift coheres purchased before Christmas. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to complementary therapies, or treat yourself to a massage or course of treatments at this special reduced price. Gift vouchers can be collected at Meant to Bee clinics in Hillsborough or Belfast or purchased online and posted to you. Simply email with your gift voucher request or for more information.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. 

Love Jade xx