World Reflexology Week and Reflexology discount


Reflexology is one of the most popular treatments enjoyed at Meant to Bee and was the first complementary therapy I studied because of its ability to improve the function of every organ, gland and body part. 

With reflexology the entire body is mapped to the feet and by massaging the different reflex points balance is restored to the body. Regular treatment is advised initially to ensure clients experience the maximum benefit of reflexology. 

 I want to share this wonderful therapy with as many people as possible, and so to celebrate World Reflexology Week, Meant to Bee is offering 4 Reflexology or Fertility Reflexology sessions for just £100.  This offer will run until 30th Sept 2015 and treatments are valid for 6 months. 


Some of the wonderful feedback I've received after a reflexology session includes 

- calm, balanced feeling 

- relaxation

- improved digestion and elimination

- feeling uplifted and energised 

- improved sleep pattern

- a feeling of connectedness with the whole body 

Reflexology is suitable 

- for children (with parental consent) to relieve pain and help balance the body and mind

- for pregnant women to soothe any back aches and improve digestion complaints 

- for men to release tension in the back and shoulders and improve concentration and focus 

- for elderly men and women to improve sleep patterns and relieve pains by improving blood flow to the whole body 

- for couples trying to conceive, experiencing fertility complications or going through assisted conception (IVF, IUI etc) to restore hormonal balance, regulate cycles and improve cell quality 

To gain the most benefit from reflexology, regular sessions are advised.

If you would like more information about how reflexology can help you or to purchase a course contact Jade

07764 748393