Today the main topic of discussion on The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 was IVF and the idea that it may be a 'postcode lottery'. Professor Lord Robert Winston was a guest on the show and made his views clear that IVF has a place in solving fertility issues - but it is not the solution for everyone, which is something I have said for a long time now.

I have found many couples to conceive naturally after multiple failed cycles of IVF after pursuing other options such as complementary therapies. They may have initially received a misdiagnosis from the IVF clinic - or no diagnosis at all!

Therefore I believe it is up to each couple to ensure they take control of their own fertility and explore all avenues before committing to IVF. I understand this is a daunting prospect as there is so much information available and I hope to be there to help navigate clients through this tough journey.

As Lord Robert Winston made clear today, IVF is a profitable business - I would agree and go further as to say that fertility as a whole is seen as a money-making business and it is sometimes forgotten by professionals the turmoil and hardships couples and families go through as a result of fertility issues. In my experience vulnerable women are being manipulated into treatment which they may not need by IVF clinics and some complementary therapy clinics also.

With just one cycle of IVF available on the NHS in Northern Ireland and only 2 private clinics in the province, unfortunately there is not much choice for couples facing devastating news about their fertility.


I made the decision to train as an Arvigo therapist to ensure that couples are no longer taken advantage of. The Arvigo technique is a truly holistic and ethical treatment which works by gently but effectively realigning the abdominal organs into their correct position thereby eliminating congestion in the abdomen - in men, by improving circulation to the prostate  and in women, by correcting the position of the uterus and therefore increasing blood flow to the ovaries,, easing congestion in the fallopian tubes and improving the quality of the uterine lining.

I work with couples of all backgrounds and am always finding new ways to improve their chances of success. Each client is treated as an individual with a treatment plan devised to suit their requirements, both with regards to their unique situation and their financial circumstances.

Arvigo Therapy works by forming a partnership between myself and my client - with an emphasis on the client working to improve their situation alongside myself. I provide ongoing support and clients are safe in the knowledge that this therapy is tried and tested for many years and by over 600 therapists worldwide.  

If you have any queries as to how Arvigo Therapy can help you improve your chance of conception naturally or through IVF or assisted technologies, please contact me

Take care

J xx