Fertility Support Therapy

This treatment is designed to support couples who are experiencing difficulty conceiving. During what can be a tumultuous time, this gentle fertility treatment helps to balance hormones, provide relief from the stress of fertility complications and can be enjoyed by both partners. 

Fertility Support treatments for female clients are scheduled according to her menstrual cycle or IVF treatment. During consultation Jade will discuss your cycles in depth and design a schedule based on the information given, as well as providing guidance and support throughout the month.

Fertility Support Therapy sessions at Meant to Bee use a combination of Fertility Massage, Fertility Reflexology, Arvigo Abdominal Therapy, Abdominal Sacral Massage and Honey & Cupping techniques to ensure every client receives the perfect treatment. Additional complimentary modalities may also be used, including Castor Oil packs, Herbal vaginal steams and meditation work. 

A Fertility Support Consultation appointment can be scheduled by contacting Jade. Before your consultation you are asked to complete and submit your Fertility Support Consultation Form online (available here). At your consultation, yourself and Jade will discuss your fertility journey at length, your health history, diet and lifestyle, and your menstrual cycle. You will also receive a full fertility therapy treatment, and be taught a self-care massage routine for you to do at home. Following your consultation, a unique and detailed follow-up will be emailed to you, containing a summary of what was discussed at your consultation and a plan for the future and how fertility therapy at Meant to Bee can help support you on your journey. 

A Fertility Consultation appointments takes about 3 hours to allow enough time to fully explore your fertility challenge and to receive the full treatment and learn self care. This appointment is £115 and is payable at your consultation appointment. 

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