Honey Massage


Local honey is used in this unique massage which is safe for sensitive skins. Beneficial nutrients from the honey are absorbed into the skin leaving it soft, smooth and nourished. When combined with a cupping massage technique this massage helps to 

- Improve appearance of cellulite
- Aid slimming
- Ease muscular tension
- Improve acne scarring
- Rejuvenate ageing skin
- Tighten and tone skin - particularly after pregnancy and weight loss

Honey massage can be enjoyed in the following ways -

Detox Back Massage - tightness in the muscles are relieved, toxins are released from the skin and the back is left smooth and nourished 

Rejuvenating Honey Facial - a soothing and rejuvenating treatment, this facial leaves the skin smooth and brightened

Cellulite Detox Massage - focusing on the thighs and buttocks

Slimming Massage - a tailored treatment focusing on the individual needs of each client - including work on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

For best results it is recommended that clients undertake a course of 10 sessions. 

30minute treatment £25

60minute treatment £40

90minute treatment £60

For cellulite and slimming recommended course of 10 treatments 

10x30min treatments - £225

10x60min treatments - £360

10x90min treatments - £540